How Long Does a Juvenile Crime Stay on My Record

Juvenile Expungement in Minnesota

As an alleged criminal offender, your child will have to deal with all of the consequences of a conviction for juvenile delinquency, including a record of the offense. This will impact many aspects of his or her life and future. At Brockton D. Hunter P.A., we understand that even good kids can make mistakes with a momentary lapse of judgment. We do not want a conviction to wreak havoc on his or her future academic and employment opportunities, especially at a time when they may be just beginning their adult lives.

How Long Does a Juvenile Criminal Record Last?

Juvenile charges will not likely stay on your record permanently. If no charges were filed and just an arrest was made for a juvenile charge, this can be expunged from the record automatically after 10 years without having to petition, given that he or she remains out of legal trouble during that time.

Minnesota restructured its expungement process to allow greater leeway. There are some exceptions, however, such as when a crime is considered a felony offense and the child is 16 years or older. Most of these individuals can petition to get his or her record expunged or sealed when they become an adult.

Was Your Child Tried As an Adult?

If a juvenile is tried as an adult or charged with a felony crime, the situation may be different. A petition for expungement will need to be made and it will not automatically come off of their record. Juveniles may qualify for an expungement in the following circumstances:

  • They were not found guilty
  • A guilty plea was not entered
  • Charges were dismissed

They may still be able to file a petition and make a request to the court for an expungement if they were found guilty.

Legal Aid from Our Minneapolis Juvenile Crime Attorney

The process of expunging a criminal record is complicated and will vary depending on the circumstances involved, such as the age of the juvenile in discussion. Our legal team at Brockton D. Hunter P.A. can assist you and your family through the process. We can personally evaluate your situation to determine what type of action is necessary and what options are available. Contact us today to see how we can help!