Attorney Ryan Else Featured in Article Discussing His Role in Getting the VRJA Passed

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Attorney Ryan Else was recently featured in an article published by the University of St. Thomas's Newsroom. The article discusses Ryan's pivotal role in getting the Veterans Restorative Justice Act (VRJA) passed and his personal connection to the underlying issues the VRJA addresses.

The VRJA allows Minnesota judges to offer veterans convicted of crimes alternatives to incarceration, as long as the offense was committed because of a combat-related condition. The options include programs and treatment designed to help the veteran address and overcome these conditions and become productive members of society.

Although similar programs were offered in some MN courts, no uniformity existed. The VJRA provides guidelines for judges throughout Minnesota hearing cases involving veterans.

The Newsroom article recognizes Ryan's dedication to getting the VRJA bill passed because of his own experiences. Ryan is a veteran himself who, having suffered from service-related conditions, struggled to reintegrate into society after his nearly 10-year military career. He understands the challenges veterans involved in the criminal justice system face and was adamant about keeping provisions in the bill that he felt were important to helping veterans.

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