New Minnesota Laws for 2018

Several new laws took effect in Minnesota on January 1, 2018. These laws were passed in 2017 by the Legislature.

Here are the following five new laws in Minnesota:

  • Uniform election dates – School districts, towns, and cities to hold special elections on either the second Tuesday in February, the second Tuesday in April, the second Tuesday in May, the second Tuesday in August (state primary date), or the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November (general election date). In the event of a disaster or emergency, the dates can be rescheduled.
  • New specialty license plates – Minnesota drivers are now able to honor law enforcement officers who lost their lives while protecting the community with special license plates. A plate costs $10. Additionally, they must also donate $25 benefiting the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association and continue to pay $5 every year after to maintain the special plates. Furthermore, vehicle owners must pay a $5 fee to transfer the plate to another vehicle.
  • Truck weights and other license plate changes – A person who owns a motorized bike or moped can apply for disability license plates.
  • Home-care worker training – To deal with communication barriers with those experiencing age-related hearing loss and improve the quality of their lives, home care providers now have an opportunity to receive training about age-related hearing loss. Additionally, these workers will also be able to count training in age-related hearing loss toward their annual training requirement.

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