How a DWI Conviction Affects Employment

A DWI conviction not only results in jail time, license suspension, and fines, it can have a negative impact on your career and future employment opportunities.

What Happens When You Apply for a Job

When you apply for a job, the employer will conduct a background check prior to hiring you.

There is no law that prohibits employers from hiring individuals with a DWI conviction on their record. In most states, including Minnesota, an employer can refuse to hire an employee with a criminal conviction on their record.

Yet, most employers are reluctant to hire a DWI convict, simply because a DWI conviction can be seen as an indication of alcohol addiction. In the eyes of the employer, this could mean the individual could be constantly tardy, absent, or even intoxicated on the job.

What Happens When You’re Already Employed

The impact of a DWI conviction if you are already employed depends on the severity of the conviction and the specific job you perform.

For example, if you are employed as a commercial driver, a DWI conviction can result in losing your license for an extended period of time, which means you can lose your job. In addition, if you are covered by company insurance for driving a vehicle, your employer could lose coverage if they keep you employed. Many professional licenses, such as physicians, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and even plumbers require that any arrest is disclosed o the licensing agency.

While there are many direct consequences of a DWI, there are many indirect consequences as well. For instance, if your license gets suspended and you don’t have an exemption for driving to and from work, then you need to rely on public transportation, which can result in consistent tardiness and you can end up getting fired. Furthermore, if you are sentenced to a jail term for a significant amount of time, you can lose your job simply because you can’t make it to work.

Get Your Record Expunged with the Help of Our Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

Expungement essential seals a record of an arrest or conviction from public view. That means a potential employer won’t see your past DWI conviction appear on your background check.

At Brockton D. Hunter, P.A., we can help you obtain the results you desire. We understand how detrimental a DWI conviction can be on your personal and professional reputation, which is why we will do our best to protect your rights and future.

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