Drug Courts in Minnesota

Drug possession in Minnesota is associated with harsh penalties. A conviction for a small amount of various types of controlled substances is punishable by a maximum five-year prison term and fines not exceeding $10,000.

Fortunately, state courts understand that many offenders are battling drug abuse and addiction. Rather than punish them for certain drug crimes, “treatment courts” are available in Minnesota to help those living with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

The treatment court program generally entails frequent drug and alcohol testing, regular court appearances, probation officer supervision, and even incentives that reward program compliance. When a person completes drug court, their charges are dismissed and their criminal record remains clean.

If these strategies are correctly implemented, treatment courts can stop the relapse and recidivism cycle, improve public safety, and save taxpayer money.

The following are some types of Minnesota drug courts:

  • Adult Drug Court – When an adult is charged with a drug crime, drug courts closely monitor his/her progress toward recovery and sobriety through ongoing treatment, mandatory court check-ins, consistent drug testing, and other services.
  • Juvenile Drug Court – When a juvenile has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, a juvenile drug court is a docket within the system that helps the minor offender address substance abuse and other issues over the course of a year or more.
  • Veterans Treatment Court – These courts adopt the principles of both drug court and mental health court to serve veterans of the U.S. military. They promote recovery, sobriety, and stability with the help of the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare networks.

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