4 Benefits of a Plea Bargain

If a person is charged with a criminal offense and getting the entire case dismissed is out of the question, it is possible to obtain a plea bargain instead. Also known as a plea deal, the prosecution and the defendant establish an agreement in which the defendant agrees to enter a “guilty” or “no contest” plea, while the prosecutor will drop one or more of the charges or reduce the penalties against the defendant.

The following are the four main benefits of a plea bargain:

  1. The possibility of no jail/prison time – Whether they cannot afford bail or lose the right to bail, defendants who are held in custody may immediately get released from jail once the judge accepts a plea deal. Depending on the crime, it is possible to avoid jail time and instead serve probation or community service.
  2. Save money – When a case goes to trial, it can result in increased court fees and attorney fees. Accepting a plea deal can help defendants avoid spending the money necessary to bring a case to trial.
  3. Quickly resolve the case – Plea bargains are often done before a case reaches trial, ultimately saving defendants’ time. The trial process can be a long and excruciating experience, especially for defendants.
  4. Keep the legal matter private – Those with a positive standing career and community may agree to a plea bargain to protect their professional and personal reputations. While news of a plea deal may be available, it is not as publicized as cases that go to trial.

Since the jails are overcrowded and the court system is overburdened with a significantly large caseload number, judges and prosecutors alike are willing to negotiate plea deals in order to quickly resolve cases of defendants who are less likely to serve much time in jail.

Before we even consider negotiating a plea, we focus on opportunities to win or have the case dismiss. Sometimes it is necessary to negotiate a plea. When that is the case, we use the advantage of our relationships with the prosecuting attorneys and any weaknesses in the State’s case to work towards the best possible outcome.

At Brockton D. Hunter, P.A., our Minneapolis defense attorney is committed to helping our clients get the best results. Although we aim to get the entire case dismissed altogether, we will also explore options for a plea agreement to ensure our clients avoid serving the maximum penalties.

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