6 Common Crimes Committed on Halloween Night

From parties to pranks, there is plenty of mischief to go around during Halloween night. October 31st sees more crimes committed according to police records. So if you plan to go out and enjoy the festivities associated with Halloween, you must be aware of the common crimes that occur during this holiday. In the event you are arrested, it is important to seek legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.

The following are the six most common crimes committed on Halloween night:

  1. DWI – Alcohol can be a part of many high school and college Halloween parties. Unfortunately, many partygoers end up either getting arrested for drunk driving or causing serious or fatal collisions with other motorists. A DWI can result in jail time, fines, license suspension, and several other penalties that can have a lasting impact. Those who choose to consume alcohol should either find an alternative way to get home or a place to stay for the night.
  2. Sexual assault – Being intoxicated is a common way for both men and women to be sexually taken advantage of because of their inability to think clearly and provide consent. Sexual assault is a serious criminal offense that can lead to years spent in prison. If you decide to drink on Halloween night, keep count of how many drinks you consume and only retrieve your drinks on your own to avoid being a victim of date rape. Remember, no means no.
  3. Assault – Fights often break out at Halloween parties, whether it is due to a heated exchange involving alcohol or in response to a prank. If you are convicted of assault, it is punishable by an extensive jail sentence and costly fines.
  4. Vandalism – From TP’ing an entire home or throwing eggs, these actions are considered vandalism. If the object strikes a person, it is considered assault. Since this criminal offense is typically committed by juveniles, it could mean going to court and experiencing juvenile probation. So tell your children to keep the eggs in the fridge and toilet paper in the bathroom.
  5. Trespassing – Some trick-or-treaters—including some adults—venture onto someone’s premises without getting an invitation. Criminal trespass entails entering and remaining on private property without the owner’s permission. In Minnesota, criminal trespass a misdemeanor punishable by jail time and fines.
  6. Kidnapping – Predators believe Halloween night is a perfect opportunity to kidnap and abuse children who are unsupervised. Parents need to teach their kids the dangers of stranger danger. It is recommended to tag along when your kids go out trick-or-treater. If your children are more mature for their age, recommend they go out in a large group.

At Brockton D. Hunter, P.A., we wish you and your family have a happy and safe Halloween. If you are arrested on Halloween night, contact our Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer immediately to let us protect your rights and future.