The Benefits of Police Body Camera Footage in Criminal Defense Cases

The main purpose of having police officers wear body cameras is to protect residents from abuse and unlawful arrests committed by law enforcement. Over recent years, incidents involving police shooting and killing unarmed African Americans have made national headlines.

All in all, body cameras will be beneficial for the criminal justice system. Although these miniature devices are effective in protecting citizens and law enforcement, the footage also provides evidence for the prosecution and criminal defense attorneys.

One of the main issues for criminal defense lawyers is solely relying on the police officer’s memory and written report of an encounter with a defendant during an arrest. Now, they can literally obtain the footage and watch the entire encounter transpire. Police body camera footage can clear up any discrepancies that may be present in the arresting officer’s account.

The following are the benefits of police body camera footage for criminal defense attorneys:

  • Protection against dishonesty, false claims, and misconduct from law enforcement and witnesses
  • Increased transparency and trust between law enforcement and the public
  • Considered an indisputable source of evidence

If body cameras become standard issue for police officers throughout the nation, some of these cases will be dismissed when video fails to support the officers’ or witnesses’ testimonies. By contrast, other cases will end quickly when the footage displays immense evidence of guilt.

Body camera police footage can be helpful to the defense if the video doesn't support testimony by law enforcement or witnesses. On the other hand, a case can come to a swift end if video provides substantial evidence against the defendant.

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