What You Need to Know About DWI Test Refusal

When you are pulled over for suspicious of a DWI, you have an important decision you make, whether or not you consent to test for a DWI case. It is usually best to take the time and this is why. With Minnesota DWI laws, refusing to submit to the test is a gross misdemeanor. If this is your first DWI and there are no other factors within the case, the underlying DWI is just considered a misdemeanor. On its own, refusing to take the test is very easy for a prosecutor to prove while at a trial. In addition to the consequences of this type of case, your license will also be revoked for a year.

When you are arrested in the state of Minnesota for DWI, you are given the chance to contact a DWI attorney for a consultation. Because refusal is a crime, a Minnesota DWI attorney cannot instruct you to refuse the test in any way. A DWI attorney can tell you what possible consequences can result and what steps would be made to ensure the blood alcohol test is reliable. For instance, a professional DWI attorney in Minnesota such as Brockton D. Hunter may suggest you obtain a test at your own expense.

Our lawyers understand that being arrested for a DWI can be a scary process and that the criminal justice system is complex. A lawyer can explain to you how to conduct yourself in court, how long you can expect to be held in jail, and what steps you need to make once you’re released from jail. Minnesota DWI laws are constantly changing; this means it’s important to hire a professional lawyer that knows the updated laws in the state. Contact a Minnesota DWI attorney to make sure that your rights are protected when involved in a DWI lawsuit.