Meet the Criminal Defense Attorneys - Brockton D. Hunter, P.A.

Meet the Criminal Defense Attorneys


Being convicted of a criminal charge in Minnesota is a serious situation. You can find yourself facing consequences that will change your life.

Our criminal defense team has knowledge of Minnesota’s legal system. Many inexperienced lawyers do not possess the experience needed to know its ins and outs. They may be confused in criminal cases and will compromise their defense. A criminal defense attorney will successfully guide through the system.

Our defense attorneys offer protection form police misconduct. Police are trained to dig out information from defendants and, at times, some do so using illegal methods. We understand your rights and will put to halt any questions that might compromise you as a defendant.

Defense attorneys also help you emotionally as a defendant. During a criminal trial, you are vulnerable to plenty of emotional upheavals such as embarrassment, depression, and fear. At Brockton Hunter, our attorneys are not only in the position of providing defense; we act as your friend when you are in the courtroom.

Remember that Regardless of whether or not the charges have merit, a simple mistake on behalf of the defense can earn you jail time and-or hefty fines.

Our team is skilled at gathering evidence that the police may have missed. You might not have the ability to gather information on your own due to legal reasons or due to your inexperience in performing proper evidence attainment. We will talk with all witnesses involved in your case so that we can form a strong defense.

Defense attorneys always offer a reality check. They know the details and the potential outcomes in every trial. They have the capability of remaining objective throughout the proceedings. This is a very important aspect for the defendant, especially if the time comes to consider a plea deal.

Defense attorneys will use their training secure an acquittal of any false charges and prevent unfair sentencing. They have the ability to mitigate the brutality of the prosecutors during trial. Do not go to court alone. Contact our team when you have been charged with a criminal offense. The faster you call, the faster we can form an effective defense.