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  • DWI / DUI

    In the state Minnesota, there is essentially no difference between a DWI and a DUI. When you are arrested and charged for this crime, you need to take immediate action to ensure your rights are defended. After you have been charged, your license may be…

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  • Assault

    In Minnesota, Assault is the action someone takes to harm another through physical abuse or inducing a fear of physical abuse. Once you have been charged with this crime, the consequences you face can impact your entire life. We at Brockton Hunter specialize in defending…

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  • Domestic Assault

    In Minnesota, Domestic Violence is any physical, sexual, mental or another form of violence that happens between members of the same family or between intimate partners (no matter the sexual orientation). Once you have been charged, it may be difficult…

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  • Expungement

    Obtaining an expungement in Minnesota means removing it from access via public records. As the Legislative Chair for the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Brock Hunter played a substantial role in the exhaustive process of improving this state’s flawed expungement law…

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  • Drug Crime Defense

    When you are arrested and charged with certain drug-related offenses in Minnesota, you may be facing jail time, property forfeiture, and additional challenges securing help. That is why it is crucial that you obtain the help of a lawyer experienced with these complicated laws…

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  • Gun Rights Restoration

    Both Minnesota Federal laws are complex when it comes to firearm possession. Brockton D. Hunter has the knowledge and expertise to provide a solid case on behalf of Minnesota clients facing challenges involving firearm ownership of all varieties…

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  • Sexual Assault

    Being accused of sexual assault in Minnesota is very critical situation for you and can result in severe consequences, even if the allegations are false. Brockton Hunter will defend your rights in even the most challenging sexual assault cases…

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  • Homicide

    Homicide – or Murder – refers to the killing of one human being by another. This charge is the most serious of all. If you are accused of murder, your freedom is at stake. Brockton Hunter has earned a reputation in Minnesota as a provider of assertive and intelligent homicide defense…

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  • Terroristic Threats

    In Minnesota, making “terroristic threats” is a felony offense. The most common form of terroristic threats occurs when someone threatens to commit an act of violence against another. Regardless of whether the statement was meant as a joke or made out of frustration, if it was interpreted as a threat, you could face criminal charges.…

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  • Driving After Revocation

    Driving with a revoked license can lead to serious consequences in Minnesota. This charge often does not result in prison time after the first offense, but it usually will cost you fines and added time to your suspension. Fortunately, Brockton Hunter can help you with a charge of driving with a revoked license…

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  • Veterans Defense

    When the United States of America sends its youthful citizens to prepare for and fight wars, it can result in our men and women suffering terrible emotional trauma. It may be difficult for them to adjust back to society. When things do not go their way, Brockton Hunter is here to represent them…

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  • Gun Crimes

    If you are charged with a weapons or firearm crime, it is can be a grave situation for you. Your rights and your freedom may be in jeopardy if you are convicted. If you find yourself in this situation, contact and Brockton Hunter for superior gun crimes defense…

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  • Property Forfeiture

    A legal seizure of your asset(s) can result in an enormous burden being set on you, your family or your workplace. The accomplished attorneys at Brockton Hunter can assist you in attaining the fastest possible return of your assets…

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  • License Revocation

    A variety of statutes in Minnesota can result in your license being revoked, cancelled or suspended. If your license has been revoked, it is essential that you take immediate action to contest the revocation. At Brockton Hunter, we will help you restore your driving privileges…

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  • CVO / CVH

    Minnesota has updated its laws involving Criminal Vehicular Operation. Criminal Vehicular Operation makes illegal to harm a human being when you are at the controls of a vehicle. The charge is very serious and it is important to secure representation quickly…

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  • Child Pornography

    The state of Minnesota prosecutes child pornography cases aggressively and the punishments are severe. They may include prison time, hefty charges and a shattered reputation. If you have been charged with a child pornography crime, you must contact a lawyer that you can trust….

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  • Damage to Property

    Damage to property is a significant charge that can lead to lifetime consequences. If you are accused of damage to property or a related crime in Minnesota, contact an attorney at Brockton D. Hunter for full criminal defense representation…

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  • Arson

    Being charged with arson is a severe crime and can mean that you will face serious legal penalties and even jail time. To safeguard your rights and fight your case, the attorneys at Brockton D. Hunter will work incessantly until your case is resolved with the best possible outcome….

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  • White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes refer to professionals or corporate representatives carrying out embezzlement, theft, forgery, hacking, tax evasion, fraud, or bad checks. Once you have been charged or are being investigated with a white collar crime, it is vital that you hire an attorney…

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  • Federal Charges

    If you have been charged with or you are being investigated for a federal crime by an agency such as the FBI or the DEA, it is important to contact us immediately so that we can begin formulating an aggressive defense. Even before being charged, you can benefit significantly by talking with us…

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Meet the Attorneys

Click below to view attorney bio's, community involvement and publications.

A serious criminal case necessitates a serious defense strategy. Many defense lawyers lack the experience and ability to defend you in the Minnesota court system. The truth is that the your criminal defense lawyer’s expertise has a major influence on the results of your case. It can even mean the difference between prison and freedom. When you employ the criminal defense law firm, Brockton Hunter, an aggressive Minneapolis criminal defense attorney will represent you directly.

Our attorneys – Brock Hunter, Ryan Else and Joshua London – are experts in both state and federal criminal law. We are not afraid to take on the even the most difficult cases that Minnesota has to offer. Our experience has taught us that anybody hoping to be a strong criminal defense lawyer must be prepared to go to trial and not be foolishly constrained by making easy settlements. If the prosecutor does not offer a fair resolution, we will take the case to trial.

If you read the victories page of this website, you will see that our attorneys are acquainted with victory. We see many clients who have high hopes for a positive case outcome. Brockton Hunter embraces these hopes and is grateful for the exclusive challenge that every situation offers. Our law firm has an earned reputation for taking cases head on; we are careful yet assertive. We pride ourselves on getting the best result for every client that we represent.

Finding a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer can be overwhelming. Eventually, every defense website will begin to look identical. What makes us different? Our namesake, Brockton Hunter, has served as the President and Legislative Chair for the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. In addition, we have received professional awards including the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Professional Excellence Award.

Our firm is devoted to representing clients charged with a crime or those who are under investigation. We have handled cases that range from DWI, domestic assault and arson to terroristic threats and homicide. We understand that being charged with a crime will create chaos in your life. Despite of the charges against you, we possess the knowledge, qualifications and willpower to stand up for your rights and keep a criminal conviction off of your record.

The consequences associated with a criminal conviction – including imprisonment and significant fines – are substantial. Furthermore, the lasting effects of having a criminal record can be extremely tough to endure, often resulting in difficulties getting a job or securing housing. For these reasons, it is crucial for Minnesota citizens who are accused of or charged with a crime to employ a qualified criminal defense attorney immediately. Call us today for a free consultation.