Four Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Ever Arrested

If you have been charged with a crime, your future may be on the line and the actions you take following an arrest have the power to make or break the strength of your defense. The stress that can accompany any interaction with law enforcement can be enough to lead to mistakes during an arrest. In the event that you are taken into custody, avoiding the four mistakes listed below can help to keep you safe.

  1. Attempting to talk your way out of an arrest: The police may be building a case against you from the moment you pop up on their radar. Attempting to defend, support, or explain your actions without an attorney present may provide law enforcement with information that will be later used against you. In your interactions with the police, limit what you say. Remember, you can invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.
  2. Resisting: Once an officer has made the choice to arrest you, there may be little you can do to stop it. While you will have an opportunity to contest the charges you face, an arrest is not that time. In fact, protesting or exhibiting aggressive behavior can result in further charges including assault. It is critical to ensure that you use the proper legal channels when fighting the accusations against you.
  3. Talking about your case: After you have been charged with a crime, it can be tempting to blow off steam by talking about the circumstances of your arrest. Do not fall into this trap. Any conversations that are heard by police or make their way back to law enforcement may hurt your defense. For example, if you tell your family what happened over the phone at the police department, an officer may overhear what is said. If you message your friend on social media complaining about the events of your arrest, the post may be used in court.
  4. Failing to immediately hire an attorney: Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is one of the best steps that you can take following an arrest. The process of criminal defense can be tremendously complex and a knowledgeable advocate can help you to avoid pitfalls and setbacks along the way. Furthermore, the police may be forced to change their tactics once an attorney becomes involved. Do you want to know if the police can really take the actions they are threatening? Ask your attorney. Are you unsure about your legal options? Your attorney will know.

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