Minnesota Out of State DWI Defense

Were you visiting Minnesota from another state and charged with a DWI? Regardless of the circumstances, being charged with a DWI in Minnesota will result in legal obligations.

Being arrested in another state can be a scary situation. Without familiarity of local laws, you may be confused about what to expect. This is exactly why you should contact a Minnesota DWI lawyer trust by residents to handle their cases. They will be able to explain local DWI laws to you and help you figure out how to move forward.

Getting Out of Jail

Our team will work quickly to get you out of jail. We understand that you want to get back to your home and life, wherever it is that you reside. Once out of jail, you should understand that you may eventually have to return to Minnesota to face the DWI charges. In the meantime, your legal defense team will be working to make sure that you can return home after your court date and not have to return for any further legal proceedings.

DWI Conviction

The consequences for a DWI vary depending on many factors. You could face jail time, fines or other penalties that the judge mandates. Know that working with Brockton Hunter is the best way to reduce any penalties and possibly even have them dropped completely. Minnesota residents have trusted us with their own DWI cases year after year for a reason. We will make sure that if any procedure is not followed that could result in a reduction of your sentence, the court is notified immediately. Our knowledge of local laws gives us an advantage when working on your defense.

Contact Us

If you have been charged with a DWI while visiting the state of Minnesota, contact Brockton Hunter at (612) 979-1112 as soon as possible and schedule a free consultation. There is a chance that we can reduce the charges against you or even have them dismissed. We will analyze all aspects of the case, including any video evidence and build the strongest possible defense for you.