Charged With a White Collar Crime? What You Should Know..

White collar crime convictions are on the rise in the state of Minnesota. This is because the local federal U.S. Attorney’s Office now has a group of lawyers who specialize in prosecuting white collar cases. Prosecutors are often assisted by federal agents with a background in taxes, computers or technology or accounting.

Whether forgery, hacking, fraud, embezzlement, corporate theft, mortgage fraud, internal business theft, writing bad checks, or tax evasion, all white collar crimes require the expertise of an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney. They can secure your rights and understand the process of such a conviction. For instance, presenting false claims to a public officer or body is a white collar crime. This means that presenting a demand or a claim knowing that it’s false is a crime. Such a conviction could yield a 5-year imprisonment charge, however some have received an even higher sentence for such a crime.

A Minnesota criminal defense attorney is essential in these cases because oftentimes these white collar cases are prosecuted in federal court versus state court. They also require evidence with large amounts of documentation in order to track real estate, business, or financial transactions over a long period of time. Law enforcement may seek out search warrants in order to obtain these records from businesses, law firms, and even banks.

If you are involved in a white collar crime, it’s vital to remain silent until you have talked to a Minnesota criminal defense attorney specializing in these types of crimes. Brockton Hunter has experienced fighting for individuals charged with white collar crimes. His team is committed to the process and remaining a pillar of knowledge and strength for his clients. Not only does he have a proven track record, but he also the expertise to back it up. Contact him for more information today on how he can help you with a white collar crime conviction in Minnesota.